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Pneumatic tools

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Sale of wholesale pneumatic tools

When the need arises to choose and purchase pneumatic accessories, it is always advisable to carefully evaluate the company to turn to to be sure to choose quality and long-lasting products: our company Errebishop is a company specialized in the production and sale of tools. wholesale tires and cable harness items and accessories. We have been successfully operating in the sector for over twenty years now, relying on the collaboration of reliable suppliers that are among the most important and established on the world market and on the productivity of our two factories, which are able to promptly satisfy the demands of our customers. Furthermore, our staff, made up of trained and professional resources, allows us to offer an excellent service of assistance and support to all our customers. Furthermore, currently, the wholesale purchase of pneumatic tools and wiring material is even easier and faster thanks to our site: an updated platform, which presents a huge selection of items, where in a few steps it allows you to choose and order online. the components and accessories that best suit your needs.

Furthermore, each product is accompanied by a technical data sheet where you can consult detailed specific information and for any eventuality, each user will have our customer assistance service available in real time, to get answers to their questions and correctly conclude all the purchase procedures. .

What are pneumatic tools

Pneumatic tools are special accessories that allow you to perform certain and specific actions using a compressed air mechanism. There are different types of pneumatic tools on the market and all of them have considerable advantages, which is why they are in great demand and used especially when working with wiring and circuits.

But what are these advantages? First of all, unlike manual tools, pneumatic tools allow you to carry out more specific and delicate operations, which are performed with precision and speed. Compressed air, in fact, avoids manual efforts and simplifies many procedures that could not be easily performed by hand. Furthermore, pneumatic tools have advantages even in comparison with electric or electronic tools: in fact one of their characteristics is that they do not need periodic breaks, unlike electric tools. For electric tools, especially when continuous use is foreseen over time, it is good to take a few breaks from time to time: an essential precaution to avoid overheating of the motor, a circumstance that does not occur with pneumatic tools. These, in fact, can be used safely without interruption since they have no motor inside them. For the same reason, finally, they also require simpler maintenance which, if regularly implemented, guarantees excellent durability of the tool itself.

How pneumatic tools work

But how do pneumatic tools work? As already specified, the mechanism that regulates the operation of these tools is a compressed air system. Generally pneumatic tools are equipped with a compressor which, in fact, has the task of compressing the air (or gas) inside the tool itself. The compressor, therefore, generates mechanical energy that makes a specific movement of the pneumatic tool perform, without the need for the use of electric current.

Pneumatic tools are, for example, crimpers that are used to crimp, that is to say, connect the electrical cables of a circuit. Other pneumatic tools are nail guns (nail guns) which allow you to easily apply nails to a surface. There are many pneumatic tools on the market and some of them allow you to adjust the speed or direction of use. Many are equipped with a safety mechanism that allows them to be used only when the tool is actually in contact with the elements to be processed. In any case, before purchasing, it is advisable to always consult the technical data sheet which contains all the specifications, to know fundamental characteristics such as force (an element that appears in crimping tools) and air pressure, a fundamental element for correct operation and use of the instrument.

Areas of use for pneumatic tools

The areas of use of pneumatic tools are various, since they are used to perform different tasks, whether these are related to maintenance work, or related to the construction and safety of a circuit. Automatic crimpers, for example, are used for connecting cables in systems and circuits of different nature, therefore we are talking about domestic circuits or belonging to more sectoral contexts such as industries, hospitals, premises or public structures, accommodation facilities etc. Other pneumatic tools can also be used in all these areas: nail guns are used in many contexts, as well as pneumatic grinders and spray guns. Their great use is due both to the advantages we talked about previously and to a factor that should not be underestimated, namely the weight. Pneumatic tools, in fact, are lighter than electric or electronic ones equipped with a motor and for this reason it is better to choose them when they must be held in the hand for several hours. In any case, as always, before making a purchase it is always preferable to consult all the characteristics of the desired tool and always contact an expert in the sector for advice or detailed information.

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