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Industrial connectors

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Sale of wholesale industrial connectors

When we talk about industrial connectors we are not referring to the classic connectors that are used daily for small or medium-sized electrical devices. We are speaking, in fact, of particular connectors that require a more specific use and, above all, require greater resistance to wear and tension. In cases where different quantities are needed, it is advisable to contact a specialized shop that deals with the sale of industrial connectors, with the certainty of saving on the price and at the same time having safe and quality items, characteristics that must always be carefully evaluated when you buy accessories in the field of wiring and in this case they will be even more important to look for. We at Errebishop specialize in the sale of wholesale industrial connectors and wiring material: our products have the necessary protection and are all made according to the required safety criteria, depending on the type and use.

Our twenty years of experience in the field of items for wiring has allowed us to create high-performance and easy-to-use connectors, furthermore thanks to our production capacity we are able to obtain a large quantity of items, managing to offer our customers a large number of products at a price. wholesale and excellent quality. Furthermore, those who choose us will be able to make their purchases online in a few steps and take advantage of our chat dedicated to customer service to receive support and assistance.

Characteristics of industrial connectors

The peculiarity of industrial connectors is that they are subjected to greater stress and voltage than those used in other areas, both for the capacity of the electric current or the signals that pass inside them, and for the actual location of the collectors themselves that may be in environments exposed to particular atmospheric agents. In addition, industrial equipment has to withstand a greater amount of work, so it can remain in operation for several hours or days. It is therefore clear that we are dealing with connectors that must be particularly resistant and able to guarantee the highest degree of reliability. There are different types of industrial connectors and each one adapts to certain devices or methods of use: industrial connectors for telephone lines, for example, are more subject to wear and consequent cable breakage, which is why they require greater protection.

Then there are thinner connectors, which will not have to undergo particular stresses and so on. For most industrial connectors, then, safe locking mechanisms are provided: traction, pressure, mechanical stress are stresses that affect these connectors on a daily basis, so it is natural that a safety measure is provided for inserting the plugs. In any case, choosing the right industrial connectors is an operation that requires attention to the characteristics and details that the connectors themselves must have, so if doubts or perplexities arise, we recommend that you seek advice from an expert in the sector.

Areas of use for industrial connectors

As their name suggests, industrial connectors are used in industrial environments such as factories and manufacturing plants of various kinds. Many others, then, can be used in the so-called broadcast sector, or the telecommunications sector, where cables and connectors with specific characteristics are required for sending and receiving data, signals and electricity in particular conditions. In general, we also find industrial cables and connectors in most production plants. We find other uses in the field of measurement, control and regulation technologies of industrial processes, in wind turbines and within the operating systems of escalators. As is evident, the fields of use are different and all very particular. Therefore, as always, we recommend that you consult an expert before choosing your connectors.

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